Come to the Informix BP Forum At IIUG Conf in San Diego 4/21/12

Come join us at our Business Partner forum and learn about the new IBM Partner programs and incentives as well as tips and tricks for driving more business with Informix. Our BP Forum is being held on Saturday at 9:00 at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley, 8757 Rio San Diego Drive, San Diego, California 92108. Hope to see you there.

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Informix BP Webcast 3/14/12 moved to 3/21/12

Come and Join us as we kick off the first quarterly update for our Partners for 2012. We will have experts on Informix Analytics and Informix Genero providing you Go To Market tips. This Webcast will also have  updates on the latest sales and marketing collateral for Informix and Genero and tips on how you can leverage them and use it for your enablement.

Date of event: Originally scheduled for 3/14/2012, now moved to 3/21/2012 at 3:00 pm GMT, due to time change.

Agenda for the Webcast.

Introduction – Sapna Muralikrishnan
2012 Channel Sales Initiatives – Gary Proctor
Informix Analytics – Go To Market Tips and Update from the lab – Dennis Allen
Informix Genero –  Go To Market Tips and Update from the lab – Douglas Dailey
Marketing Collateral Update – Sapna Muralikrishnan

Register for this event at:

For questions about this event, contact the host at:
Watch this comments space for Replay Information and access to the presentation materials.



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SugarCRM port to Informix

Check out the press release on the SugarCRM port to Informix here.  This will be a very useful solution for many new customers.

In addition, the write up at the Oninit site is also very interesting on this as well.  Informix Partners, partnering with other Informix Partners, to grow the business.   Doesn’t get much better than that.  You can read it here.


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ERP Solutions On Informix

I would like to start highlighting new solutions on Informix as well as share information on categories of existing solutions on Informix.   I will add tags to my posts so that you will be able to easily find the categories of  1) types of solutions (ie ERP, CRM, Billing, POS, etc..), 2) Industry solutions (ie: Retail, Telco, Energy & Utilities, etc …), 3) Geographies (USA, China, Europe, etc …) and 4) New to Informix; on posts you are most interested in.

Today I will cover some popular ERP solutions on Informix.  Some are more opportunistic and others are expanding with Informix.  I will highlight which group I perceive them to be in but other than that, these are in no particular order.   Some are in our solutions directory, where I will provide the links in their solution names, and others are not, so I will provide links to their corporate web sites at the end.

1) EpicorERP (Eclipse DMS), Integrated Business-Management Applications for Sales, Pricing, CRM, Purchasing, Inventory, Logistics, Accounting, Financials & More. – Intuit were bought by Activant and then by Epicor and are a part of the Epicor ERP.  See details in our IM Solutions Portal.   They have been a long time Informix ISV and are expanding in multiple countries.  Corporate Web Site is here.

2) GillaniiDistribute Retail ERP – See details in our IM Solutions Portal.   Opportunistic in their approach with Informix.  Corporate Web Site is here.

3) IBertemaERP X-GESTION 4 facilitates operations by simplifying and streamlining processes and makes it easier and safer for users to work with. It improves both productivity and quality. The administrative functions provide the ability to establish a series of administrative methods that necessary for the business to be operated effectively and efficiently.  See details in our IM Solutions Portal.   Corporate Web Site is here.

4) InforERP Trans4M, and ERP Enterprise LN – See details in our IM Solutions Portal. Opportunistic in their approach with Informix.  Corporate Web Site is here.

5) SunGard – Integrated Financial and Administrative Solution (IFAS), A Financial, Payroll and Human Resource ERP Suite for Government Agencies and K-12 School Districts, See details in our IM Solutions Portal.  Opportunistic in their approach with Informix.  Corporate Web Site is here.

6) SageAcpac ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning for Midsize Enterprises.  See details in our IM Solutions Portal. Opportunistic in their approach with Informix. Corporate Web Site is here.

7) Mitchell & McCormickVisual HealthNet WEB, Integrating Point of Care Health Records and Back Office Functions.  A specialized ERP for the Healthcare market.  See details in our IM Solutions Portal.  They are a long time ISV using Informix and Genero in their solution.  They are expanding in their target market.  Corporate Web Site is here.

8) Century Software – (Financial, Retail, Distribution, Analytics, and BPM product modules) – This is an ISV who has been an Informix and Genero solution provider for many years, based in Malaysia and doing business across SE Asia and ANZ.   However, they are quickly expanding to other countries in North America, Latin America, India and Europe with Informix and Genero.   They have a powerful ERP system that competes well, not only in the Mid-market, but for larger Enterprises as well.  Corporate Web Site is here.

9) Fourth Generation – FitriX, their mission is to deliver deliver Accounting and Business software that provides complete solutions for customers at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. They are a long term Informix and Genero ISV who fits well into small and medium sized businesses.  They are expanding with Informix and are moving to other countries besides the USA.   Corporate Web Site is here.

10) Pronto – Pronto-XI Demensions – New generation ERP with integrated Business Intelligence using Informix and Cognos.  Based in Australia, but are expanding quickly to SE. Asia and to North America.   They have a powerful ERP system that competes well in the Mid-market and especially in Manufacturing oriented companies.     Corporate Web Site is here.

11) SAP – ERP continues to support Informix on back levels of the offerings, however, not on their current release levels.   In fact they recently have been certified on our latest Informix 11.7 version.   They continue to service their existing Informix customers.  Corporate Web Site is here.

There are other ERP systems that support Informix in specialized industry areas as well as in different geographies.   I will continue to add to this list in later blogs.   Feel free to leave a comment or add ones that you feel are significantly expanding with Informix.

As always, if you know of an ERP solution that is interested in supporting Informix or wants to learn more about it, please do not hesitate to contact me.   You can find my contact information in the About tab above.


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Hello Informix Business Partners and others …

I have decided to start my own blog in order to share information and get feedback on Informix Solutions, Business Partner Channel Activities, and other topics that I may want to hear back from the community from time to time. We are adding to the Informix solutions in the IBM Information Management (IM) Solutions Directory constantly, so for the latest information on solutions, please visit the link on the right of my Blog to the IM Solutions Directory. It is easy to search this directory just for the Informix solutions by selecting the “Informix” link under the “Search” menu drop down. If you want to find out more about a specific solution, just select on that solution name and it will give you more detailed information plus ways to contact that Informix Business Partner. We encourage you to add solutions. It’s easy to do, and will only take a few minutes of your time to submit a solution. Just select the “Join Today” link on the main page below and follow the instructions:

I will be tweeting and blogging about the solutions in this Directory and hope to receive feed back from you about these and other Informix Solutions.


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